I’m a Marketer

More specifically, a digital marketer

I’ve spent the last seven years of my marketing career focused on digital marketing. Writing for the web. Social media. Blogging. Website development (WordPress in particular). I love it all.

Throughout my marketing career, I’ve worked for large, well-known firms in Corporate America and also small- to medium-sized businesses. Nonprofit marketing is in my background, too.

Today, I’m an independent marketing consultant. I spend my time developing online content, managing companies’ Facebook and Twitter accounts and working on websites. Here are highlights from projects I worked on in the first quarter of 2016:

  • I revamped a salon and spa’s WordPress site that hasn’t been touched in probably four years. I made my way through the site page by page, recommending updates and rewriting and creating new content and images. Also, I made improvements to optimize the site for speed and SEO by fixing images that were too large and adding more alt tags and keywords to the site.
  • I managed a women’s gym’s Facebook page and created content (including images) designed to stand out in their followers’ crowded News Feeds.
  • I developed Facebook ads for the same gym, where our focus is women of a certain age who live in the gym’s city. Here’s one of our Facebook ads: Triple dog dare you to work out with us
  • For the same gym, I also wrote several news/blog posts to keep the website up to date and viable. (Back in Novl 2015, I created the gym’s WordPress site.)
  • I served as the community manager for two, large health and wellness business-focused Facebook groups — one for social media marketing and one for blogging. I’ve spent countless hours volunteering my time to help group members understand social and have enjoyed it.