I’m a Marketer

More specifically, a digital marketer

I’ve spent the last almost dozen years of my marketing career focused on digital marketing. Writing for the web. Social media marketing. Blogging for myself and ghost-blogging for others. Setting up and managing WordPress websites. Creating content in a variety of formats for different campaigns and clients. It’s been a blast.

My marketing career goes back 20+ years, with a background that includes stints with several large, well-known firms. But I also have significant experience doing marketing work for small- to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.

Beginning in January 2016, I became an independent consultant — a digital marketer for hire. It’s been great being self-employed again (I was my own boss 20-some years ago, too). I spend my time developing online content, blogging for executives, managing companies’ social media channels and working on several websites.

Here are highlights from projects I worked on in the first quarter of 2018. You’ll see there is lots of variety here, which I enjoy:

  • I managed a Kansas City-area women’s gym’s Facebook page and created content (including dozens of custom images) designed to stand out in their followers’ crowded news feeds. I also created ads the gym used to reach their target audience on Facebook and managed their website and blog, too. I’ve been working with this client for more than three years.
  • I served as the remote social media manager and content marketer for a consulting firm based in San Francisco, where I manage their WordPress website, write and publish blog posts and manage the company’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We’re almost into year three of my partnership with them, and I couldn’t ask for a nicer client. (Well, I could but that would be greedy.)
  • I worked on monthly blog posts for a Kansas City-based specialty foods company. I also wrote, published and designed imagery for the company’s Facebook page. My relationship with this client goes back almost two years, and I work with the company’s PR person as a marketing subcontractor on this account.
  • Partnering with this same PR professional, I worked with two of her other clients — an event management company (not quite one year with this relationship) and, new for January 2018, a mental and behavioral health and substance use disorders nonprofit. We’re working together on a variety of initiatives for these clients, including social media marketing and their websites.
  • I did a small consulting stint with a Phoenix-area realtor and residential and commercial building consultant, where I reviewed an already-in-the-works website and made recommendations to optimize the site for search engines … and humans!

If you’re interested in learning more about my capabilities, see my services page for more info. Or contact me today to share how I can help you with your online marketing.