I’m a Marketer

More specifically, a digital marketer

I’ve spent the last almost 10 years of my marketing career focused on digital marketing. Writing for the web. Social media marketing. Blogging for myself and ghost-blogging for others. Setting up and managing WordPress websites. Creating content in a variety of formats for different purposes.  I love it all!

My background includes stints at several large, well-known firms. But I also have significant experience doing marketing for small- to medium-sized businesses and also non-profits.

Beginning in January 2016, I became an independent consultant — a digital marketer for hire. It’s been great being self-employed again (I was 20 years ago, too). I spend my time developing online content, managing companies’ Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and working on several websites.

Here are highlights from projects I worked on in the first quarter of 2017:

  • I managed a women’s gym’s Facebook page and created content (including dozens of custom images) designed to stand out in their followers’ crowded news feeds. I also created ads the gym used to reach their target audience on Facebook and managed their blog, too. I’ve been working with this client for almost three years.
  • I served as the remote social media manager and content marketer for a consulting firm, where I manage their WordPress website, write and publish blog posts and manage the company’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We’re into year two of my partnership with them.
  • I worked with Special Olympics Missouri on a variety of projects, including designed a brochure for an annual golf event, did some planning work for a new campaign that’s under development and also created an ad for a conference publication. We started working together over a year ago.
  • I worked on biweekly blog posts for a KC-based specialty foods company. I also wrote, published and designed imagery for the company’s Facebook page, where we kept a steady drumbeat going with about three posts per week. My relationship with this client goes back almost a year, and I work with the company’s PR person in a sub-contracting role for this account.
  • I managed marketing activities for a handyman services company, including writing and sending emails to his client list, wrote and published updates for his Facebook page and also managed his WordPress site. (I did a big redesign of the site for him in late 2016!) And as I do with all the clients I work with, I design images for him to use on his assorted channels, including shooting photos as needed. I’ve been working with this business for almost a year.

If you’re interested in learning more about my capabilities, see my services or contact page for more info.