Why content creators should (still) love lists and listicles

10 Reasons Why Content Marketers Love Lists and Listicles

Want your business blog post or other content piece to really stand out? Consider titling it with “6 Ways to …” or “Top 10 reasons for …”.

A list-focused piece of content can really bring in the eyeballs. We’re naturally drawn to them, I suspect, because we’re universally starved for time — and being able to take in bite-sized chunks of information is appealing! And for those of us who create content, writing a list-focused article can be appealing, too.

In true, list-loving fashion, here are my 10 reasons to love lists and listicles (what Wikipedia describes a s a short form of writing that uses a list as its thematic structure).

On Social Media, Lists and Listicles Are:

  1. Quick and easy to scan and can be memorable, too.
  2. Often instructional, which can work well for many topics and audiences.
  3. Effective and eye-catching when your blog’s featured image is creatively designed and shared along with your post.
  4. Good at keeping readers’ attention throughout the list. They may keep reading, just because of FOMO (fear of missing out)!
  5. A familiar format that people often find helpful and desirable.

For the Content Creator, Lists Can Be:

6. Easier content to pull together. For example in a blog post, having a set number of things to write about constrains you (in a good way).
7. Perfect for a Pinterest pin, where the list can be shown in an attention-getting graphic. Here’s a nice example (The Top 10 TV Shows For Kids That Teach Good Things On Netflix).
8. Great for repurposing later, because you can do separate follow-up articles or Facebook shares where you expand on each numbered topic or tip from the earlier piece of content.
9. Easily converted into a compelling, colorful infographic to post online or in a PowerPoint presentation.
10. Something you can almost dream up (pun intended) in your sleep, because we’re wired to number our ideas and thoughts!

Do you love or loathe lists and listicles?

Let’s keep the numbered theme going with five list-named content titles to inspire you for the next article you write:

  1. Five Tips for Getting More Customers
  2. Thirty Positive Thoughts to Begin Your Day
  3. Six Things to Ask at Your Next Doctor’s Visit
  4. The Number One Benefit of Networking
  5. My (Lucky) Thirteen Reasons You Should Blog at Least Monthly

Are you feeling the love for lists and listicles yet? Would you rather know more about the pros and cons to using these? It looks like there are two camps on this topic. Check out 5 Reasons Listicles Are Here to Stay, and Why That’s OK and 8 Reasons to Avoid Listicles to decide if lists and listicles are right for your business.

You already know my opinion on the topic. 😉

Photo: Emma Matthews via Unsplash