About Melanie

What’s important to know about me? I live, breathe and love marketing — just ask anyone who knows me what I’m passionate about, and they’re sure to agree. And maybe they’ll say dogs and keto, too.

My marketing career goes back more than 25 years and includes stints with global, well-known firms and experience working with small- to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. At varying times, I’ve been an employee, a contractor and an independent consultant.

In January 2016 after working many years in Corporate America, I became an independent consultant — a marketer for hire, you might say. (Side note: I was self-employed before, but that was pre-social media, pre-digital marketing and pre- most anything online!

Industries I know well

Financial Services, Consumer Products and Services and Information Management


  • Developing content for specific channels and audiences, including online and offline and for external communications to prospects and clients and also internally to employees and sales and marketing staff
  • Marketing strategy, project management and tactical execution
  • Social media strategy, marketing and online community management
  • Working on large, long-term initiatives that require interfacing with multiple stakeholders and decision-makers, as well as the public
  • Developing marketing  and communications for highly regulated industries
  • All things websites: development, management, SEO strategy and implementation, analytics and reporting

Technologies and tools I enjoy

WordPress, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, SharePoint, Buffer, Hootsuite, Basecamp, G Suite, Slack and Zoom

What I’m like to partner with

  • Friendly, but not unprofessional
  • Experienced, but not snobby
  • Confident, but not stubborn
  • Easy-going, but not a pushover
  • Creative, but not unrealistic

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You can also learn more about me on LinkedIn, including where I worked in Corporate America.