Special interests


When I was a kid, I saw my parents doing volunteer work along with holding down regular job and family responsibilities. They joyfully gave of their talent, time and money, too, to help people. It showed me it was not only important to do, but fulfilling and fun. And heir enthusiasm and commitment inspired me to do the same.

I believe my first official volunteer stint was a hospital candy striper (remember those?). But I also remember my mom drafting me to make posters and flyers for assorted needs at our church. She kept me going by effusively praising my creativity — even though I thought “creative” meant “artist,” and I would always say “I can’t draw, Mom.”

Now many years later, helping others is still ingrained in me. One of my most recent efforts is explained here on my blog.

professional development

I read dozens of blogs each week and regularly listen to podcasts to grow my marketing expertise and stay excited about what I do. (I love marketing, so it’s not hard to stay excited.)

I’m a true, life-long learner who never want to rest on her laurels. (Hmmm. I think I need to google “laurels.”) For example, in the last two years I spent a significant amount of time and money (for training) growing my knowledge of Facebook advertising.

Things have been a little quiet on the face-to-face networking front for me, but over the years I’ve done my share of attending professional groups, like the Kansas City chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (KC/IABC) and  several chambers of commerce and small-business owner groups. At KC/IABC, I was on the board for something like eight years and served as its president.