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AND My focus is digital marketing

I’ve spent the last  dozen years of my life-long marketing career focused on the online world. Writing for the web. Social media marketing. Blogging for businesses. Setting up and managing WordPress websites. Creating downloadable guides and ebooks. And I still do more traditional marketing work for many clients, like creating presentations (hello, PowerPoint) and writing white papers.

I work with primarily small companies and solopreneurs, as well as partnering with other creative professionals (marketing/communicators, graphic designers, public relations professionals, etc.) on their clients. (Learn more about me.)

Here’s what my clients and partners say about working with me …

MARKETING SERVICES PROVIDED: Website management, blogging and social media MARKETING

Teresa Yockey of Time 2 Change Fitness for Women

Teresa Yockey of Time 2 Change Fitness for Women

Melanie’s been managing my workout studio’s Facebook page since 2014. The content she creates is fun and creative, as well as informational about my studio. And she keeps herself up to date on the ever-changing world of social media, so I don’t have to be an expert.

When I rebranded my business in 2015 and needed a new website, I knew Melanie was the right person for the job. It turned out beautiful, and Melanie continues to manage it for me today … and she makes sure we get a new blog post out the door every month or so! 

Melanie’s always willing to brainstorm a new promotion for my studio and is a great sounding board for a small business owner, like me. I appreciate how Melanie gets to know her clients preferences and continually exceeds expectations, She is passionate and committed to making business owners succeed.


Julie Bartels Smith of JBSmith Communications

Partnering with Melanie for my clients is a dream. She is both a strategic thinker and a practical, hard worker. She challenges me and contributes in all the right ways, is willing to pick up the ball when needed and always meets her commitments. She is respectful of my client relationships, as well. What’s best is that I learn from her along the way, and we have constructive debates that make us both better consultants and writers.

I highly recommend Melanie as a partner and collaborator.

If you’d like to know more about what I do for clients, see my services page or contact schedule a get-to-know-each-other call with me.