Teresa Yockey of Time 2 Change Fitness for Women

Teresa Yockey of Time 2 Change Fitness for Women

SERVICES PROVIDED: MANAGED Website, blogging and social media MARKETING

Melanie’s been managing my workout studio’s Facebook page since 2014. The content she creates is fun and creative, as well as informational about my studio. And she keeps herself up to date on the ever-changing world of social media, so I don’t have to be an expert.

When I rebranded my business in 2015 and needed a new website, I knew Melanie was the right person for the job. It turned out beautiful, and Melanie continues to manage it for me today … and she makes sure we get a new blog post out the door every month or so! 

Melanie’s always willing to brainstorm a new promotion for my studio and is a great sounding board for a small business owner, like me. I appreciate how Melanie gets to know her clients’ preferences and continually exceeds expectations, She is passionate and committed to making business owners succeed.

Teresa Yockey, Owner of Time 2 Change Fitness for Women