Graphic Design

I don’t consider myself TO BE a graphic designer.

But I can design graphics. I’ve created — and I kid you not — a thousand or more images and logos over the years for assorted companies’ marketing, social media and advertising efforts. Still … I never want to describe myself as a graphic designer, because I didn’t receive formal training in this area. Yet, I was hired by two companies to be a graphic designer. Go figure!

Here are 20 of the thousand-ish images I created. Perhaps I could design something for you, too.

Regional flyer ad for a women’s gym

Poster for a nonprofit

Facebook page cover for a nonprofit

Logo for a vacation rental site

Imagery for a company’s intranet article

Facebook graphic for a salon

Image for a company’s email to customers

Graphic for a food company’s blog post

Facebook graphic for an escape room experience

Facebook post image for a nonprofit

LinkedIn post image for a consulting firm

Card for a networking meeting give-away from yours truly

Melanie Deardorff's Pinterest ebook for health and wellness pros

Cover of a Pinterest ebook I wrote and designed

Graphic for a blogger training course, where I was the subject matter expert

Dominate the world of social media with your blog ebook from Melanie Deardorff

Cover of an ebook I wrote and designed

Image for a blog post I wrote

Image for a blogger’s Twitter post

Fundraiser brochure for a nonprofit

Image for a consulting firm’s blog

Facebook image for a women’s gym

And there are more where these came from!